Your Complete Guide to New Shower Installation

The shower area in your bathroom is the place where you go to unwind after a long day of work. You don’t want your shower to be moldy, cracked, or leaking. As technology advances, bathroom utilities are also upgrading rapidly.

If you want to upgrade your shower, here is everything you need to know:

Why You Need to Install a New Shower

Changing your shower may not seem like an important upgrade, but it can alter your hygiene experience drastically. Showering should be a relaxing experience. However, an old shower can take the relaxing feeling away and induce stress instead.

Leaking valves, burning hot water, bacterial infestation, pressure fluctuations, or clogged shower heads are indications of an old and outdated shower needing replacement.

With an upgraded shower, you will have better control of the valves, allowing you to customize the water temperature according to your preference. Moreover, most modern showers come with filters or self-cleaning features that keep the mold at bay. Mold buildup in shower heads can clog the water and cause severe skin infections. In fact, it can also cause respiratory diseases.

You can find both luxurious and budget-friendly options for your shower remodel. Hiring a skilled professional to update your shower will help ensure a trustworthy and durable installation. If you haven’t considered upgrading your shower, this is the sign to take your shower up a notch!

Dangers of an Outdated Shower

Taking a hot shower at the end of a stressful day may be your favorite thing, but it can cause more harm than good if your shower is outdated.

Did you know that an outdated shower can pose a serious threat? Here’s how:

Mold Build-Up

An outdated shower may have an alarming amount of mold growing inside, making them a potentially dangerous space to be in, especially for the elderly or young children. To prevent or remove mold, updating your shower should be a priority.

Slip and Fall Hazard

Leaking pipes and faucets in your shower may cause slip-and-fall accidents. These accidents may be life-threatening, often causing people to break a bone or other serious injuries. Updating your shower can prevent these types of accidents from occurring.

Exploding Glass Door

Exploding glass doors can be a nightmare for people and may be life-threatening if the glass lands on a person. These accidents happen due to nickel sulfide inclusions in the glass, which causes it to explode in its place. Even though only a few cases are reported worldwide each year, it can be an extremely dangerous situation that you may not expect.

Skin Burns

Not having an updated valve may expose you to the possibility of skin burns. An anti-scald valve can better control the water temperature, limiting the intensity of hot water that gets through the shower head. It correctly combines cold and hot water to ensure a person is not burnt while showering with hot water.

Things to Consider Before Getting a New Shower

A bathroom remodeling job takes time, but it is an excellent way to modernize your home. When remodeling your bathroom, there are many exciting things to add to your list. However, before deciding on the latest bathtub design or tile, consider a few things to make your vision come true. Dimension, placement, styling, finish, and other aspects must all be considered. Here’s how to plan a bathroom renovation project:

Decide Your Budget

Firstly, you have to know your budget. When you list every possible expense, this helps you determine what you can afford. Hint: fixtures and fittings can either make or break your budget.

It’s worth considering you spending more now for quality materials to avoid a dripping tap or a falling shower head in the future.The most affordable option is not always the most durable.

A bathroom remodeling project costs on average between $120 – $275 per square foot, or $5,500 – $15,000 on average. Other than that, minor bathroom upgrades cost between $2,000 and $5,000.

Choose Your Toilet Wisely

Most of us prefer not to think about how much time we spend on the toilet, but the truth is that we spend a significant portion of our lives there. So, you will be amazed to know how many options you have in terms of toilet comfort.

You can consider everything from shapes to sizes, concealed tanks, types of materials, comfort, ease of installation, and other cleaning features.

Decide Between a Bathtub or a Shower

Consider how many baths you take per year when deciding between a bathtub and a shower-only option. Also, consider if you’re renovating your homes for yourself, or for future buyers. Even if you only live in your house for another five years, investing in your property is worthwhile.

Focus on Lighting

Consider placing recessed lighting fixtures over your ceiling to make the room brighter. You can include a few in your shower with the right shower trim.

Install a dimmer switch in your bathroom to control the lighting. Think about whether you want visual or functional lighting in your bathroom mirror. For example, bright lights can help you see better while applying makeup or shaving.

Select Durable Materials

Bathroom surfaces are typically made of non-porous material, making them waterproof. Porcelain, marble, granite, and ceramic tiles are organic yet durable options, depending on your budget and preferences.

In addition to tile flooring, you could consider sheet vinyl, painted, or stained cement. Whatever you choose, sturdy flooring with slip resistance is essential for safety.

Hire a Professional

Working alone in any area of a house that needs remodeling or renovation can be a stressful experience. Hiring bathroom remodeling professionals will save you time and stress while minimizing losses that come from amateur mistakes.

They also ensure proper legal procedures and structural reinforcement design features. As a result, you get the option that is best for you.


An upgraded shower will not only improve the functionality but also upgrade the appearance of your bathroom. Not only that, but new showers are also energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

With the help of professional bathroom installers, you can get a new shower in no time.