Our Sacramento Shower and Bathtub Installation Services

Do you want to install a new bathtub or shower in your bathroom? Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Sacramento can turn your vision into reality. We understand the importance of having an upgraded bathroom. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and tools for any shower installation or bathtub installation you have in mind.

Our experts use quality materials, professional tools, and advanced techniques to provide long-lasting shower and tub installations. Our team will provide free in-home consultations to help you design the bathroom of your dreams. With the help of our catalog, you can choose the most trending designs of bathtubs and showers available.

Our specialists will also guide you on bathtub installation and shower installation costs. Our experts direct all our focus to the customer to ensure 100% satisfaction. First, our management team will work on the bathroom plan to turn whatever is on paper into a 3D reality. Next, our experienced bathtub/shower installers will get to work right away. Our pros stick to deadlines and create as minimal interruption in your home as possible.

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General Info About Shower and Bathtub Installation

In a current study by Houzz, one in four people in America made space for a large shower in their bathroom. People are now inclining towards walk-in showers instead of bathtubs. More than 84% of homeowners have opted for a shower upgrade in 2022.

Despite the shift in preference, the importance of building the right slope for showers is often overlooked. The shower floor should be tilted 1/8th to 1/4th of an inch to regulate proper drainage. Mistakes happen due to an amateur installation process, which makes hiring a professional a must.

However, this does not mean the era of bathtubs is over. Instead, tub enthusiasts opt for free-standing soaking tubs to enjoy a completely immersive experience. These tubs leave no space for your hands hanging outside in the cold air.

People are willing to pay around $2,000 to $6,000 for a soaking tub going up to between $5,000 to $20,000 for a two-seater bathtub.

New bathtub remodel with built-in fireplace.

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Installing a Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers have become one of the biggest requirements in modern bathrooms. A large shower with enough room for storage is the most demanded feature. Whether you want to upgrade your existing shower or get a new one, this process requires experience and expertise.

Our contractors offer everything you need to install your dream shower in your bathroom. A walk-in shower allows more space and provides a sense of freedom. It’s no wonder why this design is becoming more popular by the day.

Here is how our specialists install a walk-in shower in your bathroom:

Step 1: Inspect your bathroom and take the required measurements.

Step 2: Demolish the old bathing/showering area to start afresh.

Step 3: Fix the plumbing if required.

Step 4: Install the new shower along with flooring and walls.

Step 5: Check the level of the floor for proper drainage.

Step 6: Install the shower door.

Our bathroom remodeling contractors provide quality service that will transform the look of your bathroom into everything you dreamed of.

Bathtub Replacements

Did you know your bathtub also has an expiry date? Changing your bathtub every 10 to 15 years is recommended for hygiene and safety purposes. Our technicians know the importance of an upgraded bathtub and its effects on the quality of your bath.

Our professionally trained team can replace your bathtub within one day. Yes, a bathtub replacement does not have to be messy and time-consuming.

Our experts can help replace your existing bathtub in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Inspect the bathroom.

Step 2: Remove the old bathtub and clean the surface.

Step 3: Level the floor and set a new tub in place.

Step 4: Connect the water pipes.

Step 5: Seal the bottom sides of the bathtub.

Step 6: Finish the walls around the tub.

Tub-to-Shower Bathroom Conversion

Are you tired of your tub and want to convert it into a spacious shower? We have the right network of professionals to help you convert your bath area into a shower area. People prefer showers due to the freedom of movement it provides.

Showers are also considered more hygienic than bathtubs as the water constantly drains. So, if you want to switch, our experts are here to bring that idea to reality. They will help you reimagine your bathroom easily with our elaborate planning and quick labor.

This transformation will make your bathroom look bigger and make it easier to clean. The process will be quick and mess-free, from removing the old bathtub to installing the shower and matching walls to complete the look.

Grab Bars/ Caddies and Other Factors that Make Handicap Accessible

Bathrooms should be accessible to everyone. Whether elderly or differently abled, our technicians equip your bathroom with accessories and features to support every lifestyle. Accessibility features make your bathroom more functional and approachable to all.

The most common accessibility features include the following:

● Grab bars

● Shower seats

● Caddies

● Doorway clearance

● Wheelchair space

● Toilet height

● Faucet height

● Thresholds

● Step-less shower

Our professionals aim to upgrade bathrooms to make them accessible for people with all physical impairments. The incorporation of smart bathroom hardware can also make bathrooms more accessible. Voice-activated showers and toilets can also help people with mobility disorders.

Our technicians ensure quick services to make your bathroom ready to be used again. Paying close attention to your bathroom design to make it more accessible is an ethical responsibility, especially if you have people around you who might require extra accessibility features.

Trust our experts for Shower and Bathtub Installation

With the help of our professional shower installers and bathtub installers, you can transform your bathroom instantly. Our experts offer fast and mess-free services to make your bathroom usable again as quickly as possible.

Our professionals help you create the bathroom of your dreams without breaking the bank. Our skilled workers will install your bathtub and shower that will last.

You can visit our showroom to select premium-quality materials for your bathtub or shower remodeling. Then, all you have to do is leave the rest to our team of managers and skilled installers. Our specialists can do everything from replacing your bathtub to converting your tub into a shower and shower door installation.

Our experts offer quality services to our customers. Our installers work closely with our team managers to bring your concept to reality. Quality is our priority.

Not only that, our technicians offer a complimentary after-sales service to ensure you face no issues with your new bathroom. So, book our experts for your shower or bathtub installation to revamp your bathroom today!